What are the characteristics of LED downlight specifications?

2021-07-22 312

  It is also a kind of downlight, but different from the concealed downlight, it is more decorative. Downlights are generally large (5 inches), medium (4 inches) and small (2.5 inches). There are two kinds of downlights, horizontal and vertical. The price of horizontal is a little more expensive than vertical. Downlight application places: large offices, conference rooms, department stores and specialty stores, laboratories, airports and some of their civilian rooms.

  Down lamp is easy to install, does not occupy space, generous and practical. It is usually no problem to use it for more than five years, and the style is not easy to change. The price is also cheap.

  1. Compact and high luminous flux. The power consumption is 1 / 3 of that of incandescent lamp, but the life span is 6 times of that of incandescent lamp. The compact design of size 175 is adhered to, which suppresses the sense of existence of lamp and invents bright space.

  2. There are two kinds of PC diffusion plates with mirror and frosting. Bring the mirror reflection board of flicker feeling, with moderate brightness to harmonize the frosted reflection board of ceiling.

  3. The sliding fixing card is adopted, which is convenient for construction. It can be installed on the ceiling with different thickness from 3mm to 25mm, and can be easily removed during repair.

  4. There are three kinds of lamps to choose from. There are three types of lamps of 2700k, 4000K and 6700k, and suitable lamps can be selected according to different uses.

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