How to choose led downlight manufacturer?

2021-07-22 256

  Now, led downlight has a great advantage in the market, many customers feel the energy saving and convenience of LED downlight. But in the face of market competition pressure, how should customers choose led downlight manufacturers?

  Products after the relevant certification: in the selection of LED downlight manufacturers to see whether it has the relevant certification, and then to see whether the materials of the products are exquisite, and the products are certified by the national quality system.

  2. Investigate the production scale of the manufacturer: before the decision is made to purchase, we must go to the relevant led downlight manufacturer for relevant field investigation, to investigate the manufacturer's production ability and whether it can sign the contract. The delivery time of the powerful manufacturer will not be delayed, and the delivery date is guaranteed by the contract.

  3. After sales service: if there is a problem, if it is caused by the LED downlight manufacturer, it will be able to perform the responsibility of return and replacement, and if it is caused by the manufacturer, it should be provided by the manufacturer.

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