How to solve the failure of LED downlight packaging?

2021-07-22 234

  When using LED downlight, the worry is that the light is not on. Now, don't blame the environment. Fault device method, maintenance measures and excessive power supply are the important reasons for the lamp to subside. Of course, they are also human factors. Here, Antai lighting analyzes how to solve the problem of LED downlight packaging failure with an example.

  1. Poor heat dissipation of LED will lead to aging of chip adhesive, delamination and chip falling. Precautions: avoid floating and tilting of LED downlight during welding. Do a good job in the heat dissipation of LED downlight to ensure that the heat dissipation channel of LED downlight is unblocked.

  2. Over current and over-voltage impulse will cause the driver, chip burn out and lamp in open or short circuit state. Note: please carry out EOS maintenance to avoid the current and voltage impulse greater than the lamp or driving LED downlight for a long time.

  3. Over current impact, burning gold wire. Precautions: avoid the influence of over-current and over-voltage on LED downlight.

  4. The anti-static maintenance effect is not good during use, which leads to the damage of LED downlight PN junction. Note: please carry out ESD maintenance to avoid the bulb work caused by static electricity.

  5. The welding temperature is too high, the colloid expands violently, the gold wire cracks, or the external force collides with the packing glue, the gold wire cracks. Note: each bulb has its own device manual. Welding should be used according to the proposed welding conditions, and attention should be paid to maintaining the packaging structure from damage during assembly.

  6. The LED downlight was not dehumidified due to humidity, and cracked in the process of reflux, and the gold wire cracked. Note: in the process of maintenance to be careful, according to the conditions of dehumidification, can use moisture box or oven dry and dehumidification. Reflow soldering should be carried out according to the recommended reflow parameters.

  7. Unreasonable setting of temperature curve in reflow soldering leads to severe expansion of colloid during reflow soldering, which leads to cracking of gold wire. Note: perform reflow soldering according to the recommended reflow parameters.

  8. In the process of assembly, the positive and negative poles of the LED downlight are short circuited or the PCB board is short circuited, and the LED downlight is broken. Precautions: please take ESD anti-static maintenance measures to avoid positive and negative short circuit. PCB should be checked carefully.

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