What's the difference between downlight and spotlight?

2021-07-22 251

  The difference between downlight and LED spotlight is the difference in luminous angle, and then the difference in structure! Led downlight is mainly used to supply uniform light, just like sunlight, sunlight! But downlights can't be as big as the sun, so it's planned from the perspective of lighting. The lighting angle of downlights is generally large, usually around 120 degrees. Generally, spherical acrylic (also known as plexiglass) masks are used, so that uniform light can be obtained, and the light is soft and not dazzling.

  LED spotlight is mainly used to highlight key objects through small angle strong light, such as TV background walls, rock paintings, ornaments, products, etc., or add light and shade contrast of space, making atmosphere, such as flagship stores of clothing, light and shade contrast is very intense.

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