What is the difference between ceiling lamp and downlight?

2021-07-22 258

  Pro, do you know which is the LED ceiling lamp and which is the downlight effect in the figure below?

  Exclamation of small partners, come to reply quickly, led sky lantern and downlight usage in the end what is the difference? Xiaobian, let me give you an explanation with both pictures and text! Unlike ceiling lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers, which can sometimes stand out by their faces, downlights and ceiling lamps always rely on their strength to shape their grades with pure light and shadow and achieve good decorative effects.

  1: From the definition and characteristics of the difference

  Downlight is a kind of lighting fixture embedded in the ceiling. Its characteristic is that it can keep the construction and decoration consistent, and will not destroy the ceiling art consistency due to the setting of lamps and lanterns. Downlights do not occupy space, can increase the soft atmosphere of the space, if you want to build a warm feeling, you can try to install more downlights. Compared with ordinary surface mounted lamps, downlight is more concentrated, with more uniform light and no dark area. It is suitable for basic lighting or auxiliary lighting, and is often used in aisle, toilet and kitchen.

  The LED sky lantern is a kind of high concentration lamps, small beam angle, light has a strong expressive force, flexible and adjustable viewpoint, can specify specific targets. It is used for outstanding aesthetic effect, outstanding sense of hierarchy and creating atmosphere. For example, it focuses on a place with great taste or novelty. It can not only play a leading role in the whole lighting, but also part of the lighting.

  2: From the position of the device

  Generally, the light source direction of downlight can not be adjusted, and can only be fixed in one direction, which can light up the place of use evenly. Most downlights are built-in, only through the light to show its existence, the general device in the ceiling ceiling more than 150 mm. Of course, downlights also have external type. It is a good choice to install downlights in areas without ceiling lights or chandeliers. The light is softer than that of spotlights.

  3: When to choose downlight / ceiling light

  Many friends begin to buy Lamps and lanterns after the basic decoration is over. The purchase of lamps and lanterns is the last step of home decoration. However, if you want to use cylindrical spotlights to create lighting atmosphere, it is recommended to start to purchase in the ceiling stage to ensure that the installation is completed before cleaning, so as to ensure that the house and ceiling are neat.

  4: About the device

  The installation of LED downlights and led sky lanterns is also relatively simple. In general, these installation operations are all done by professional decoration companies. We need to pay attention to the hole size. 3W or 5W led downlights and ceiling lamps are commonly used in home decoration. The hole size of 3W is usually 7-9cm, and that of 5W is generally 9-10cm. This point should be noted, according to past experience, many owners are in the hole size on the detour, hole open small also easy to do, cost a little labor, increase from the beginning on the line, if the hole open big, the lamp can not be installed, only to return, buy again, the energy cost is not a little bit.

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