How to choose downlight?

2021-07-22 243

  As an energy-saving product, LED lighting has been accepted by more and more customers. However, most customers lack understanding of LED and can't understand complex technical terms. So how do customers choose a LED downlight product in person?

  1、 Cost: from the perspective of cost, the price of LED downlight is about 3-10 times of that of traditional lamps. If the daily electricity consumption is more than 6 hours, it is cost-effective to use LED lamps. It is estimated that the cost of buying lamps can be saved in about one year;

  2、 Value: of course, people's life is not all activities, just for money, the pursuit of fashion, bear new things is also a life attitude!

  3、 Quality: after you decide to buy led downlights, you need to see what kind of quality you need. At present, the domestic LED market is very large, so the quality of LED products is also uneven. You should choose some products with independent brands.

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